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Welcome to Palestine Senior Activity Center

As you age, you may find that doing the stuff you love gets harder as the days go by. Plus, you may have health conditions to watch. Who can you turn to for help?

At our senior activity center, we will gladly lend you a hand. Our senior activity center in Kansas City, Missouri is a source of high-quality wellness programs and social support, helping you stay on top of your health while letting you enjoy the company of your fellow retirees. Find safety, care, and contentment by joining our growing community today.

For information questions or concerns please contact Jai’Esha Releford, Executive Director by phone 816-921-1963 or email jaiesha@pscac.org

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What Can You Expect From Us? Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide community wellness for senior adults through education, recreation, and nutrition. As your premier activity center in the heart of Kansas City, we offer the utmost support in helping seniors live life at their own pace with no worries.

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